HR Support & Advice

We help businesses in designing HR strategies. Our team is expert in selecting right candidates for your business by proper advertising, assesment selection and training procedures.

Facilities Support

We provide limited level business support for your offices in delivering you office stuff, computers and furniture. We can deliver it for you at your door.Please contact our staff for more detail.

Financial Analysis

We are expert in conducting financial analysis for your existed business and business you intend to buy. We can conduct sale analysis and financial performance for small businesses.

Business Development

We work on commsion basis in finding out the new businesses for you... We can sell your business and can conduct competitor analsysis. Contact our staff for detail services.


We can market for your bisinesss by approaching potential customer. our team can survey using both primary and secondry analysis. We can conduct correlation analysis for businesses.

We provide limited level consultancy services for investing your money in a competitive market. Our staff comes up with customer retenation and HR and training strategies for your business.

Consultancy Services


Strong and Committed Team to deliver you quality services.

Helping you Managing vaious business solutions at one platform

Creating Customer Awarness, Acquistion and Feedback for your business.



Albarake takes all possible actions to work under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility that adheres with acceptable community norms for the betterment and prosperity of the society. We are equal opportunity employer where all possible efforts are made to hire and recruit graduates and professionals for gaining better field experience.


Albarake Ltd is also engaged with local police and law enforcement authorities, in a bid to create a peaceful and secured atmosphere where everyone can live without fear irrespective of religion, gender, political and religious beliefs.


Through our steady efforts and satisfactory experience, the business today is conglomerate of various business and management services we offer in market. In the world of hyper change and challenges we understand the importance new business requirements and our business sensitive and linguistically capable consulting firm devise actionable plans for client’s management and technology matters within our scope. The in-depth research and market portfolio has enabled our firm; to deeply understand the business and facilities needs of small level businesses. Our tailored services allow businesses to enjoy a competitive edge by ensuring, the client becomes more productive and efficient.


Our mission is to specialize in facilitating marketing and business management consulting solutions. Our mission is to maintain high standards in business consulting and marketing management solutions, responsive to the changing needs of the businesses. We endeavor to become a fully equipped consulting and designing firm geared by remarkably qualified professionals. Our team has reserved and allocated substantial amount of budget to dissolve the language barriers and provide one stop shop management consulting solutions for clients in need. We recruit educated, well trained and multi-talented professionals that making our firm well prepared for daily challenges. We listen to client and take action seriously.








We offer variety of services in the market. Most of them are directly by us while as some are outsourced to our suppliers.


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